Embassy Attestation

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The Embassy attestation is compulsory for those countries which are not enlisted with Hague Convention list. To complete the Embassy Attestation process the document needs to be attested from an array of Governmental Organization in India, and it depends on the types of documents. The various Embassies have various rules and regulations as well as various times outline and fees configuration. The Embassy Attestation is the finishing attestation procedure for a document followed by the diverse attestation process.

The document which to be attested from the Respected Embassy, the document to be submitted originally, duly attested by the authorized signatory of India, along with some supporting documents. The supporting documents are generally, photocopy of passport, authority letter, job offer letter etc. Some Embassies has strict rules and they only take the documents, which to be attested, from the document holder only.

Our extended and affirmative association with every Embassy in India has made us the leader in Embassy Attestation process for any kind of documents.

  • Afghani Embassy in New Delhi, India
  • Greek Embassy in New Delhi, India
  • Algerian Embassy in New Delhi, India
  • Armenian Embassy in New Delhi, India

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